This Is Not A List Of Event Trends…

But maybe it should be…

| BY TASHA CARATTINI | February 15th, 2024

As we embark on a new year, it seems inevitable that we’re bombarded with a barrage of “new trends” promising to redefine our upcoming events. But let’s be real – it often feels like we’re stuck in a loop of recycled clichés, leaving us craving something truly innovative. Fear not, because we’re here to break the monotony.

We won’t be suggesting you slap bows on everything or declaring that ceiling installations are the latest craze (let’s face it, they’ve been around forever and show no sign of fading into obscurity). Instead, let’s shake things up with our list of swaps. They might seem a bit wild and maybe even a touch intimidating at first glance, but trust me, they’re the shake-up we’ve been craving. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the unknown – because on the other side, is the event you actually want to remember!

Out: Sit-Down Dinner | In: Cocktail-Style Receptions

We’re witnessing a slow but steady departure from the conventional sit-down dinner reception. Let’s talk about the real magic that happens when you dare to mix things up – our clients have a blast! Events fly by in the blink of an eye, and skipping the sit-down meal frees up the night for some serious mingling and genuine connection. It’s all about creating a stress-free and authentic vibe that everyone can groove to.

Breaking away from tradition isn’t always easy, but we aren’t going to let you leap into this change blindly. Suzanne of Suzanne Michael Events is what we call “The Queen of The Cocktail Wedding” and she says:

“When it comes to your wedding reception, breaking away from the traditional plated dinner into a Cocktail Style Dinner Reception offers a refreshing approach while maintaining the elegance of a black-tie affair. This dining style allows for a carefully curated menu that not only pays homage to familial heritages but also celebrates the couple’s culinary passions. It provides the opportunity to craft a contemporary yet inviting ambiance, complete with varied seating options and chic lounge areas that contribute to a cohesive and stylish setting, transforming the venue into a modern, residential-inspired space.

For those with a deep appreciation for fine cuisine the idea of creative Dinner Stations presents an enticing option. With this setup, guests can savor their meals at their own pace, surrounded by stunning food presentations that double as captivating tablescapes. While our unconventional room designs never fail to leave a lasting impression, ensuring that every guest is treated to an extraordinary experience.”

Out: Muted Minimalism | In: Bold Maximalism

For too long, minimalism and neutrals have held us in a suffocating grip, leaving us gasping for a breath of fresh air – but they don’t have to be mutually inclusive. While I appreciate the allure of timeless elegance and subtle tones, I can’t help but wonder – is the sacrifice of individuality truly worth it? In a world where uniqueness seems to get lost in translation, it’s time to embrace boldness and vibrancy to make our events truly stand out.

Diving headfirst into bold colors and patterns might feel like a leap of faith, and hey, it’s okay if it’s not your vibe! But trust me, maximalism isn’t a copy/paste approach. If you can’t bear to part with those soft neutral tones, there are still plenty of ways to infuse the spirit of maximalism into your event.

Just take a cue from one of our couples: while they held onto the neutrals, they tossed out the minimalist rulebook. The outcome? A dreamy, romantic wedding sprinkled with whimsical touches that screamed “them” in every detail.

Wedding Altar

Out: Traditions as a to-do list | In: Making room for new traditions to unfold

Words we live by: If it doesn’t scream “hell yes,” then it’s a hard pass – and your event should be no exception! Feeling the pressure to check off every tradition? Relax! We’re here to say it’s totally cool to cherry-pick your favorites or chuck ’em all out the window if that’s what you want. After all, it’s your party!

Every tradition has its roots, but what truly lights us up is when our clients dive headfirst into the ones that truly speak to them, crafting new rituals and memories that’ll last a lifetime. One of the fondest memories from my own wedding embodies this very sentiment. I simply couldn’t abide by the notion of checking off a laundry list of “must-do” traditions that held no personal meaning for me, stealing precious moments away from mingling with my beloved guests. The staged cake-cutting ritual was one such tradition that didn’t quite align with my vision, so I opted out. And you know what happened? As the night wound down and a small group of us were making our way out, we stumbled upon the untouched cake, still pristine and waiting. Spontaneously, champagne in hand and hearts aglow, we decided to slice into it right then and there. It was impromptu, it was joyful, it was…perfect.

To conclude, we’re not here to dictate what you should or shouldn’t do, but rather to ignite a spark of inspiration for your own event journey. At the end of the day, it’s about breaking free from the status quo. Gone are the days of following the crowd; instead, embracing the fearless choices that make your event uniquely yours is the new black. So, go ahead, be bold, and make your mark – it’s your time to shine!

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