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Dried Flowers

| BY TASHA  CARATTINI |  August 04, 2020, 10:35 EST |

As we slip into the last month of summer and fall is upon us, we have to celebrate one of our favorite emerging trends; dried flowers. This trend has crept its way starting with dried palms and the pampas grass craze and the creative applications have only grown since then!

From ethereal centerpieces, large backdrops, and bridal bouquets you can keep forever, this is the perfect way to stay on trend with your next event! Get ready to swoon over some of the amazing dried flower vibes we have seen here at Penthouse.


This ceremony back drop created by Primrose Florals was an absolute showstopper! Their creation was the perfect complement to the other event elements styled and designed by Creatives Loft. Not only was this stunning, but it was functional as well. After ceremony, this was turned into an epic DJ booth–that only makes us love it more!

Personal Details

We all know that pictures and videos are one of the few things you get to keep from the day-of. What we love most about these dried flower personals is that you can hold on to them and they will be just as stunning as they day you first held them. These pieces, by Le Chat Roses, were absolutely breathtaking!

Lounge Decor

Doesn’t this lounge grouping just make you want to grab a pumpkin spiced latte and hang out a bit! We just love how the accent of pampas grass and other dried florals, created by A Lavish Event Design, tie the whole look together for this gorgeous Friendsgiving Celebration!

Ceiling Installations

If you follow us on Instagram, you know how much we love when creatives drop décor from our ceilings and can you blame us?! It’s just so dramatic in all the right ways. These hanging florals, created by Primrose Florals, really stole the show! The thing we love most is that they layered live tropical foliage with the dried pampas grass, and it shows us that when you go out of the box and mix it up–you can create something truly unique.

We think this trend is here to stay, and hope this has inspired you to try it out at your next event!

Till next time, stay inspired!

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