Tuesday Top 5 –
Sweet Displays to Feast Your Eyes On!

| BY TASHA  CARATTINI |  JULY 07, 2020, 09:35 EST |

The days of having a simple cake standing alone without any sweet friends are long passed. The growing trend of an epic dessert display is one we have seen time and time again at Penthouse and when we say epic…we mean EPIC!

Here are 5 dessert displays that are sure to give you a sweet tooth!

1. Tropical Love

This couple got married inside and once guests went out to cocktail the room was flipped for reception. You can’t just let a gorgeous ceremony arch, adorned with florals by Rodri Studios, go to waste! So, they cleverly turned it into a sweet tropical retreat–show stopping and practical, the best of both worlds!

2. Sweet Woodland Fairytale

We could probably create a whole blog about Laila Plant of One Inspired Party and her dessert displays–but for this post we chose this one! As if the sweets from Earth and Sugar weren’t breathtaking enough, Laila along with Bambini Soiree, have built this magic dreamland that somehow enhances the artistry of the cake and little sweets­–this is definitely a forever favorite!

3. Self-Love Sweetness

Photo by: Claudia Gomez Photography

Project NM and ENV Make Up paired up to create a women-driven event that celebrated self-love and sometimes eating sweets is self-love…am I right!? This display is understated but every bit as impactful as the other heavy hitters in this lineup. With the help of Mi Vintage Rentals adding levels and dimension to the display, the Sweet Cravings  by Nani desserts are each given their space to shine!

4. Moana, but for real!

See the table in the sand with the sweets and it calls me…sorry, I had to do it! Monica Pardo and Bambini Soiree really hit the nail on the head with this one–can I just repeat my childhood and every birthday party I ever had? People, we have a Moana party here with a real life Pua & HeiHei!

5. Elegant and Sweet 15th Birthday

This gorgeous blush and gold 15th birthday, by Jackie Ohh Events, is a literal dream and these sweets are no exception. Gilded Group created a display shelf filled with sweet treats that was the perfect back drop to this stunning cake by Earth and Sugar. This was definitely a night Sabrina will never forget!

Whether you are doing a highly styled display or keeping it simpler a dessert station is a great way to enhance décor and create a focal point. Whatever you decide is sure to impress your guests and leave them with a sweet memory of the night…and isn’t that what we all want?

Till next time.

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