Tuesday Top 5 –
Mix + Match to Maximize Design and Budget

| BY TASHA  CARATTINI |  JUNE 09, 2020, 09:35 EST |

Happy Summer Everyone! This month on our Tuesday Top 5 we are diving into the art of mixing + matching on different key décor elements.

Now, I know when this trend first started popping up quite a while ago it seemed kind of crazy and not everyone was into it – but, it has stood the test of time and quite frankly is not going anywhere!

I personally love this concept, not only does it add some dimension to the design but it also allows you to sprinkle in higher priced elements without breaking the bank. Below find our Top 5 ways you can mix + match at your next event!

1. Tables

I am sure we are not alone when we say, we LOVE tables that don’t require linens! From the super popular farm table to more modern options, there is so much out there and these tables are show stoppers! On the flip side, they can be quite costly to rent but if you are open to mixing with standard tables with linens it becomes way more attainable.

Depending on your budget, you can go for an even split of half and half, do a few tables for close family, or even just incorporate a luxe table as your sweetheart table!

Planner Jessica Campbell of Jessica Campbell Events, combined rentals from Decora Event Rentals + Bubble Collection to create this epic Gatsby Themed Surprise Birthday!

2. Linens

Much like mixing tables shapes and sizes, this option adds to the overall design and can help with budget!

Linen shopping is a lot like wedding dress shopping, if it is not in your price point don’t even look at it! I have seen it happen so many times where a client falls madly in love with an ultra-luxe linen only to find that the cost times 10-15 tables is way beyond your budget.

I feel your pain, but you don’t have to rule that linen out completely; try mixing half and half with something simpler in a complimenting tone or go luxe on your sweetheart table!

3. Chairs

We tend to see this a lot too, and it can be done in so many different ways! Some clients decide to have a mix of round and rectangular tables and will do two different style chairs on each. Or perhaps, if you are doing ceremony onsite you may choose to do one type of chair in the ceremony area and another for reception…the sky is the limit!

Did you know we actually have an upgrade option that includes 120 ghost chairs? For some couples with more intimate weddings our inventory is enough to cover their needs but when you have a larger guest count or are planning to have ceremony onsite, you may need to rent additional chairs in a different style (since we can’t label ours). Either way, our clients usually save big by leveraging what we have to offer!

For this wedding, Caitlin of Studio CDB, decided to use the shortage of in-house chairs to her advantage and introduce a pop of color by renting the same chair in a vibrant yellow from Atlas Event Rental – bonus points for also mixing the types of tables!

4. Furniture Rentals

Ah yes, the coveted lounge grouping – we all love them and want them everywhere but as with everything in your event budget spreadsheet, it adds up quickly.

If you are renting a grouping, how can you stretch it to create more intimate spaces? A lounge grouping that includes a sofa, love seat and ottomans can be split up by using extra chairs to create micro groupings.

By mixing and matching what you have with what you are getting you are able to create more impact on the overall design!

5. Centerpieces

Having centerpieces in varying heights is law, it allows the floral designer to express the design in a few different ways and just looks way better in pictures that the same exact arrangement on every table!

Tall arrangements add drama to the room while short ones give a more intimate feel (and usually help with budget). That’s a win/win!

For the wedding featured above, Angel from Rodri Studio, added to the mixed element of the tables by creating tall lush arrangements for the round tables and lower more candlelit arrangements for the rustic farm tables from Unearthed Rentals.

I hope this article has inspired you to think outside the box and consider how you can mix it up for your next event, you can use one or use them all – no matter how many ways you decide to mix + match, your event is sure to wow your guests!

Till next time!

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