Braving the New Norm:
Tips for Social Distancing at Events

| BY TASHA CARATTINI |  JUNE 23, 2020, 11:35 EST |

So much has changed in the past few months and we are all anxious to get back to “normal”, back to celebrating big moments surrounded by our friends and loved ones. But, can we ever really go back to the way things were? If nothing else, this has taught us all to be more conscience of our personal space and health. We are so much more aware of the boundaries of our personal bubble, the things we touch, and the effect we are having on other’s health–I believe these new habits will endure long after any restrictions are lifted.

So, how do all these new habits translate into the world of events and how can you ensure you are creating a safe environment for your guests to celebrate comfortably? Here are a few tips to consider while planning your event in a post COVID-19 world.

1. Reduce Your Guest Count

We know this is a tough one, even under normal circumstances having to filter your list can be so daunting! Of course, you want to celebrate with everyone you know but reducing your list is one of the best ways to minimize risk at your event.

Start by looking at your current list, are there guests who would have flown in from out of town? Have an open and honest conversation with your guests, some may not feel comfortable gathering in large groups just yet. But absent guests don’t have to completely miss out, consider setting up a live stream so that guests who aren’t there can dance the night away with you from their home!

2. Socially Distant Tables

Now that you have a reduced list, you should have more room in the venue to space things out a bit.

Strive to put about 6ft between each table, and if possible reduce the number of chairs per table from the average 10 to 6. The added space should also allow enough space to create a more open dance area.

3. Swap Buffet for Plated

Here is something you may not have considered, instead of the popular buffet style dinner opt for a plated dinner. We have all been in the buffet line before, and know that it is a potential hot-zone when it comes to potential contamination.

By opting for a plated dinner, you can ensure that your catering staff are using proper sanitation steps while preparing each plate and that plate is traveling directly from kitchen to guest with minimal interference from other guests.

If a plated dinner is not accessible to you, consult with your caterer to see how best to structure your buffet and stations to minimize risk for guests.

4. Minimize Bar Congestion

Even under normal circumstances, no one wants to be waiting in a huge bar line for drinks! Our recommendation here has not changed with the “new normal” circumstances, but there is the added benefit of reducing risk. As a standard, we always recommend having 2 bars, one inside and one outside, having multiple bars is more important now than ever! This will help reduce congestion and split the crowd.

As a bonus, consider having a third bar or having certain drinks, like wine, passed by the waiters to avoid your guests piling up.

It’s a whole new world with new social rules, but remember you are not alone and we can brave this new world together! I hope these tips have helped you think of minor adjustments you can make.

Keep celebrating, friends.

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