Tuesday Top 5 –
Decór That Pops: Balloon Installations

| BY TASHA  CARATTINI |  05, 2020, 09:35 EST |

This month on Tuesday Top 5 we’re talking about décor that pops—we mean really pops! That’s right, we are talking about Balloon Installations.

Let us first travel back in time, I am sure we can all remember those DIY birthday parties mom put together with clusters of balloons scotch-taped to the wall…fear not, this is not that at all. Balloons are making a comeback in a big way and we are going to showcase some of the most eye-catching balloon installations we have seen in our space to date!

1. Ceiling Color Explosion

Photo by: @im_gerard_o

Who wants chandeliers over a dancefloor when you can do this instead! This epic balloon installation by Maggie Creative Designs (www.maggiecd.com) is the main focal point of this event, planned by Valash Events (www.instagram.com/valash_events) , and is the first thing guests notice coming into the space. Mixing the balloon sizes and adding other elements like tassels really elevates the overall look and adds dimension to the room.

Brightly colored table linens and props by Gilded Group (www.gildedgroupdecor.com) brought the whole look together for a celebration that no doubt had everyone dancing the night away!

2. Follow the Call..

Photo by: Alan Phillip Photography (www.alanphillip.com)

Our venue director, Melissa Rosario, is known for her exclusive Penthouse Holiday Party—every year it is bigger and better and always involves a theme where costumes are encouraged! Last year, we took it back to the age of glitter and disco which naturally meant we needed an epic photo-op.

The cascade of disco balls and silver balloons paired with breath taking monochromatic florals by Flower Wall Rentals (www.instagram.com/flowerwallrentals) had everyone stopping for a picture!

3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Photo by: Christy & Co. Photo (www.christyandcophoto.com)

We can’t have a blog post about balloons and not include some of our epic kid’s parties! Honestly, some of our most over the top and design packed events will have you wishing you could press rewind on your childhood.

Valerie of Top It Off Designs (www.topitoffdesigns.com) brought magical unicorn dreams to life with this one! This Event had not one, but two balloon installations—a pastel balloon rainbow set the backdrop for a beautiful lounge area by Bambini Soiree (www.bambinisoiree.com). The cake and desserts by Earth & Sugar (www.earthandsugar.com) are gorgeous on their own but were made more enchanting when immersed in a cloud of balloon bubbles.

Excuse us while we drift into la la land…

4. Tropical Baby Shower

Photo by: Imagery by Jules (www.imagerybyjules.com)

We have seen them hanging from the ceiling and adorning walls, but having a colorful balloon garland on the table is not something you come across every day! This brightly colored tropical baby shower by Keaira Chantell Events (www.keairachantellevents.com) is redefining the meaning of centerpieces and elevating this “kids table” all in one with the help of MS Balloons Décor.

This is one kid’s table I would have no problem sitting at!

5. Under The Sea

Photo by: Christy & Co. Photo (www.christyandcophoto.com)

One more for the road, and there is no way I could have left this one out! From the moment you stepped into the lobby for this party, designed by Christy of Design Plan Play (www.instagram.com/designplanplay), you are transported under the sea! With the help of Bambini Soiree (www.bambinisoiree.com) every detail was enhanced by balloons, from the giant seahorses greeting you at the door to the towers of coral and bubbles that filled the space—it all came together in a magical way!

We have seen some amazing things in this month’s Top 5 Journey, and I leave you with this to think about. A single balloon may not seem like much but with a little creativity and ingenuity you can create something truly unique and impactful—and can’t we apply that wisdom to anything?

Till next time!

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